Traditional Replica Staircase

This was a remake of a traditional timber stair for a new home Yarraville. The staircase detail was mirrored from an 1800’s building on Ballarat rd. (at the time of manufacture the building was being used as a music store). A great amount of care was taken to make the newel chamfered post detail and slat balustrade combination to the same dimensions. The layout is a “U” shape. The timber is Tasmanian Oak with a stain finish.

Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair; Closed wall strings; Closed outer strings with continuous deep fascia; Treads and risers with 30mm nosing projection with full bullnose nosing; The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak; Treads ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak;  Handrails ex 100x75mm Tasmanian Oak; Flooring ex 25mm.

Balustrade Material:

Specifications: Combination ex 100×25 with ex 50x25mm slat balusters, ex 150x150mm starting chamfered post, ex 100x100mm chamfered posts, ex 38mm capping and fascia, Handrails ex 100x75mm Tasmanian Oak with a stain finish.