Staircase and Glass Wrap Protection

“The last thing you want after designing and paying for your staircase or glass balustrade is to have it ruined or damaged by other trades during construction”

.Although not done on purpose by other trades, they are there to do a job and usually either have to take heavy tools and equipment up the staircase, create dust or debris when performing works, and/or if the external landscaping is not finished outside either walk-in dirt or mud on their safety shoes. This is why Signature Stairs have gone to great lengths with our valued supply chain to develop ways to minimise the potential for damage after we have done our part.

For every staircase that is to be for a stain finish, on completion we can wrap the staircase in protection and temporary fix plywood covers over the steps. This does not limit all damage, but certainly goes along way to reducing it. Then for every glass balustrade project, we can have one of our valued glass suppliers wrap the glass in plastic in their factory when it is toughened. Again, although this does not completely remove the chance for scratches or dints, it is another service that lets you know we at Signature Stairs can do everything we can to make sure your glass balustrade is the way it was when installed up until when you get your occupancy certificate

See below images of the Signature Stairs wrap protection for staircases and glass.

Please give Signature Stairs a call to have Glass & Wrap protection included as an additional extra in your staircase and balustrade project to help reduce the risk of damage during your building project.

Staircase Wrap Protection

Glass Wrap Protection