Spiral Stairs Melbourne

In Melbourne’s southern suburbs this architecturally designed Be
curves of each flight, line up directly above/below one another and provide a myriad of different perspectives and views. While flush with the plaster the the lighting compliments the staircase perfectly.
Stair Materials: staircase is visually separated from the walls with a 10mm shadow line. This functional stair has become a sculpture within the home. The posito Nosing theion of Specifications: Closed stair, Closed strings, Treads and risers with Zer upper floor. It has a modern design with clean lines and the dark stained treads have zero nosing projection. The geometric shape of the radialion. spoke Double Geometric Spiral Stair (stair above stair) is made from Tasmanian Oak with timber frame and curved plywood bracing and casing. The straight section of dwarf wall balustrading on the void is lined with plaster. The staircase was constructed to add strength toThe Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Pine; Treads ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak Project