Steel Balustrade

A steel balustrade can in fact be made out of a variety of materials including stainless steel tubes and posts, mild steel, wrought iron or even wire suspended between posts. Steel is widely used in staircase design as it lends itself well to a variety of styles.

In a modern home, steel rod balusters give a clean and minimalist look, but extending them so that they extend the full length from the ceiling to the treads can create a cascading effect that is also sculptural. Glass panel balustrades between steel posts and held by steel clamps or fixings is another popular choice in modern staircase design.

Powder coating steel takes a balustrade from simple black to literally thousands of colour choices that add to the architectural style of your stair. Classic black, particularly when paired with timber staircase, gives a traditional look, but vastly different looks could be achieved by choosing a rusty brown, striking red or a softer white.

Wrought iron balusters, which can be custom made with twists, swirls or other embellishments, are used in many traditional staircases and to create the classic French provincial look. At Signature Stairs, we can also custom make wrought iron panel balustrades, creating a design that is unique to your home.