While the right handrail will enhance the look of a staircase, it also makes a stair easier to use and current national building regulations require all staircase designs to include a continuous handhold along the flight for safety.

Handrails can be made out of a variety of timbers to either match the stair treads or floorboards in the home, and can be simple and streamlined or ornate. Handrails can also be made in steel where a more modern or industrial look is desired.

The art of hand-crafting timber handrails from blocks of timber is still practiced at Signature Stairs, so you know your custom made handrail will fit your staircase and space perfectly. As a stair manufacturer, we have built continuous handrails that climb steeply at times, twist and turn seamlessly with the stair, and all the while maintain a lovely smooth profile.

A wreath scroll over a cluster of balusters is a popular way to begin a handrail in traditional staircase designs, while continuous rails and handcrafted wreaths at the change of direction give a graceful sweeping look.

A striking modern look was created by Signature Stairs for an inner Melbourne home by creating a handrail inside the recess of a short wall balustrade, thereby giving the homeowners the clean look they wanted while still complying with safety guidelines.

Where full height glass or steel tube balustrades are part of the stair design, we can create a wall rail on the opposite side to ensure that safety is not compromised.

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