Contemporary Stairs

Contemporary stairs do not follow any one particular style. It is rather the choice of materials and using them in new and unexpected ways that are defining features of a contemporary stair. At Signature Stairs we design and manufacture all our stairs right here in Melbourne and for that reason, we can deliver a custom made contemporary stair that is sculptural, playful and unique and awe-inspiring in its complexity.Popular materials currently being used in high-end, luxury homes include hardwoods as well as reclaimed and engineered timber and steel, coupled with balustrades made of timber, glass, steel or wire – or a combination of these. The height of banisters can also radically change the look of a staircase.

By playing with changes in direction, a simple boxed stair can appear to straddle the wall, a reversed cantilever design (where the treads hang out from the wall unsupported) is a new take on a traditional design, and a large boxed landing step literally provides a launch pad from which a self-supporting stair soars towards the upper floor.It is the combination of a designer who can think outside the square, coupled with the precision craftsmanship of an experienced staircase manufacturer like Signature Stairs, that creates a truly individual stair which goes beyond the merely functional and becomes a focal point within the space.