Contemporary Balustrade

Employing materials in new and unexpected ways to achieve a stair design that is sculptural and unique is a defining feature of contemporary stairs, and this includes the balustrades. As a Melbourne-based stair manufacturer, Signature Stairs can create custom made balustrades that complete your staircase from the most complex to the stylishly minimal designs.

The combination of materials might include a toughened glass balustrade, topped with a sleek timber handrail and held with stainless steel fixings, or a continuous length of toughened glass, suchas the one Signature Stairs manufactured for a home in St Helena, held in place by square stainless steel clamps on round steel posts. In a home in Carlton, we created full height glass balustrading, fixed into channels in the floor and ceiling to expand the sense of vertical space in the house, plus a stainless steel wall-rail on the opposite side to meet national building standards.

Vertical stainless steel tube balustrading, a popular choice in many contemporary stair designs, can also be used in a variety of ways acting as unobtrusive supports to the handrail, or in other designs,cascading from the ceiling to the treads.