Outdoor or external stairs

As exterior stairs are often in unconfined spaces, there is greater flexibility when it comes to size and it is up to the client to determine wither the stair will simply be a functional piece at key entry points to the home or a more grand statement upon approach to a building. As a Melbourne-based stair manufacturer, we are equally at home designing external stairs for a suburban home, as we are for a country house in a bushland setting, or a coastal property where clients are seeking to optimise their ocean views.

Outdoor or external stairs need to be made of durable material to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and the choice of timber is critical for safety and longevity. Excellent timber choices include Jarrah, spotted gum, merbau and ash due to their durability and strength. The balustrades are also custom made by Signature Stairs from timber, non-corrosive stainless steel or wire to compliment your chosen stair design.