Heritage Stair Insight 1 – Melbourne Old Treasury Building

The Old Treasury Building of Melbourne is situated on Spring Street Melbourne CBD, at the top end of Collins Street. The building was constructed less than 30 years after the settlement of Melbourne between 1858 and 1862. The main staircase is a major element to the building.

The staircase is of a grand scale with classic cut-strings, central carpet runner to the flights, iron balustrade with handcrafted continuous timber handrail. The staircase spans multiple flights and not only has a functional purpose of providing access to the upper levels but upon entry to the Old Treasury Building provides an impressive backdrop. The handrail commences with a large scroll-disc and at changes in pitch and direction along the balustrade has had handrail wreaths carved from solid blocks of timber. The handrail profile is orante and although the process of making timber handrail has not changed over the years it is amazing to think this would have been carved without the option of using the electric power tools and technology we have today. Overall this is a true testament to the craft of staircase making and Melbourne’s long history with a capability for procuring architectual fixtures of such high esteem. Signature Stairs commitment and skill with the craft of staircase making continues this fine tradition today.