Grand Geometric Staircase

This is a grand, custom built, curving staircase. A centre piece of the house, set within a wide curving void from the upper floor of this inner suburban home. All of the timbers on the stair are made from Danta. The scale of this staircase is significant, requiring a landing mid-way up the flight for compliance. This home has both a high ceiling and generous amount of space, which allow the staircase to shine. The client has gone for a traditional design with cut strings, large handrail profile, turned newel posts and decorative wrought iron insert balustrade. A large structural post was required to aid support to the upper floor, and to compliment the stair, the post was made from matching timber and the woodturning match the profile of the newel posts on the staircase. In the words of our wood-turner ‘You don’t see many as big as this’!

Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair; Closed wall strings; Cut outer strings; Treads with 30mm nosing projection; Rounded bullnose nosing and first floor capping. The Materials used are: Strings ex 38mm Danta; Treads ex 38mm Danta; Handrails ex 80x60mm Danta; Stair newel posts Ex 150x150mm Danta; structural post Ex 200x200mm.

Balustrade Material:

Specifications: Selected individual round steel balusters with a feature panel to every fourth. Finished in Black. Ex 80x60mm timber handrail. Ex 38mm capping. Stair posts Ex 150x150mm Danta; structural post Ex 200x200mm.