French Provincial Stair

‘Timeless Elegance’ is one way to describe this masterpiece of a staircase in Ivanhoe. The vision that the architect, builder and client had was the ‘French Provincial’ style, this staircase project was a joy to be involved in its design and execution. Fundamentally, it is a large curving stair with a landing mid-way up the flight to allow for the doorway to the garage level.Using closed strings the flights transition seamlessly into a continuous curving deep fascia for the full length of the upper void. The strings & fascia were painted, with decorative moulding applied to match other interior walls of the home. The carpet runner was designed to be recessed down into the steps, bound on each side by American Oak margin pieces. The balustrade is wrought-iron lacework capped with a handcrafted continuous timber handrail made from American Oak. The handrail commences with a beautiful handcrafted scroll, carefully positioned over the first bullnose step which is also made from American Oak. The American Oak timbers were finished with an unique Antique stain. Please note that the scotia moulding, the wrought-iron lacework and the staining of the stair were by others.

Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair; Closed wall strings; Closed outer strings with continuous deep fascia; Treads and risers with zero nosing projection; The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Pine; Treads ex 38mm Pine;  Handrails ex 80x60mm American Oak; Margins pieces ex 25mm

Balustrade Material:

Specifications: Custom designed and manufactured continuous wrought iron with scrolled section. Finished in Black. Ex 80x60mm timber handrail. Please note that the wrought iron balustrade was made by others. (Contact Signature stairs for the details)