Floating Scissor Stair

This staircase is a completely unique modern design. The joinery works required in the factory manufacture of the staircase had to be precise.  While the installation needed to be of the highest standard. This staircase is a powerful statement within this Northcotehome’s modern renovation.  It is important to note that the apart from fixings at the top and bottom of the staircase we only had two fixings points into concealed steel post to work with. The project is built in American Oak which known for its stableness and strength. The treads and landings intersect with a mitre join to the supporting staircase strings. Because of the position of the window we have used expansion joists in the landing. The balustrade is 12mm toughened glass, capped with a stainless steel rail welded and polished onsite. The flight glass is held in place with side mounted stainless steel patch fittings. The level glass fixing is concealed in the deep fascia’s that frame the stairwell. The split level steps leading to the Living and Kitchen areas are cantilevered, and complement the main staircase.

Stair materials

Specifications: Open stair; Cut String; Treads with Zero nosing projection; The Material used are: Treads and strings ex 38mm (Laminated to finish 65mm Thick) American Oak; Landing ex 38mm (Laminated to finish 65mm Thick with expansion joints) American Oak

Balustrade materials

Specifications:  Modern Glass balustrade 12mm toughened glass side mounted to the treads with 50mm solid stainless steel patch fittings.  Level 12mm glass inserted into fascia.  Top mounted 38x20mm stainless steel rail.