Double Impact Contemporary Stair case

Staircases can be designed in many different ways. On this project, the client had a fairly tight budget to complete their staircase and balustrade. Signature Stairs designed this robust contemporary stair with a feature ‘wrap-around’ square bullnose steps that transcend into the lower flight. The Tasmanian Oak treads and risers have a zero nosing projection and  the cut stringscreate a clean, contemporary look. The sleek looking  stainless steel tube balusters are enhanced by stainless steel posts and an Oval profile Tasmanian Oak timber handrail provides a warmth that ties the balustrade back to the stair.

Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair, Concealed cut wall strings, Treads and risers with Zero Nosing Projection. The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak; Treads ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak,  Riser ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak

Balustrade Material:

Specifications:  Stainless steel 16mm balusters with topmounted 50mm round stainless steel posts. Ex 75×50 timber oval moulded handrail.