Designer Modern Oak Staircase

The focal point for this modern architecturally designed homein Middle Park was the American Oak timber used on  theflooring and also the staircase. A waxed coating was applied to the timber to accentuate the exquisite and elaborate grain of the timber. Together, with a clever designed and executed insert glass balustrade, this staircase design works in with the interior design objective for the home. To the underneath of the first flight the client has taken advantage of the open space, utilising it to display their wine.

Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair; Concealed Cut wall strings; Cut outer strings; Treads with Zero nosing square projection. The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm American Oak; Treads ex 38mm American Oak;  capping Handrails ex 75x50mm Oval American Oak.

Balustrade Material:

Specifications:  Insert sandwich flight 12mm Balustrade; Ex 38mm timber string; Handrails ex 75x50mm Oval American Oak.