Design Guide 2013 by Signature Stairs

See attached the Design Guide 2013 by Signature Stairs available for download.

When you (or one of your clients) come to think about the staircase for their project if they haven’t had experience with staircases they may initially feel a bit overwhelmed with all the ‘strange’ words would we staircase designers/builders use. To help the situation Signature Stairs have developed the Design Guide 2013, available here (below) for download for free.

The Design Guide 2013 presents a written and diagramatic/pictoral interpretation of the core components of the staircase, and then the different range of design styles & components (like Handrail and Newel Profiles, and Insert Balusters) we have provided for many of our clients in 2013. The design guide also provides information about our personalised custom design and build “Designer Projects” solution, where clients (with our help) have the ability to design the staircase down to every detail themselves!

So whether your staircase project is large or small or something you have seen before or are yet to create, the Design Guide 2013 is a great reference guide for you and/or your clients.