Contemporary Stair with Mitred Tread and Riser detail

In this Niddrietownhouse with a monochrome palette. The client wanted a floating modern custom stair design with ‘clean’ lines. A major design element of this stair is that the juncture between each tread and riser is square-set, hence with Zero nosing projection. To create a look with no visible ‘grain’ from the front, back and side mitre joins were used in all cases. To add to the floating look no strings have been used. The angled winder steps give the stairwell a strong architectural element. The timber is Victorian Ash with a Dark stain finish.

Stair Material

Specifications: Closed stair, Concealed cut strings, Treads and risers with Zero Nosing Projection. The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Pine; Treads ex 38mm Victorian Ash,  Riser ex 38mm Victorian Ash

Balustrade Material

Specifications: Glass balustrade 12mm toughened glass; side mounted to the string with 50mm solid stainless steel patch fittings. 50mm Round Stainless steel Rail and glass clamps.