Concealed Wall String with Floating Treads

The open side of the flight of this staircase has a conventional closed string, while the wall side is anything but conventional.  On this project in Carnegie, Signature Stairs have reversed the typical cantilever stair design (where the treads hang out from the wall unsupported), whereby making the wall side treads to appear sitting against the wall unsupported. This staircase is a unique architectural element within the home, while with Spotted Gum steps and handrail matched to the floors, with the white painted finish on the string, retains the necessary consistency with the adjoining decor to make it work well.

Stair Material:  

Specifications: Open stair; Cut concealed wall strings; Closed outer strings; Treads with 30mm nosing square projection; The Material used are: Strings ex 50mm Spotted Gum; Treads ex 75mm Spotted Gum;  Handrails ex 75x50mm Spotted Gum.

Balustrade Material:

Specifications:  Insert 12mm Balustrade; Ex 50mm timber stringer; Handrails ex 75x50mm Spotted Gum.