Closed stair with Shadow line to risers

In this Brunswick home with a uncomplicated fell the architect wanted a modern custom stair design with ‘clean’ lines and an ‘uncomplicated’ look. The staircase is closed with concealed strings. A major design element of this stair is that the juncture between each tread and riser is 10x5mm shadow line, hence with Zero nosing projection. The timber is Tasmanian Oak with a clear finish. The outer string is painted and has an overhang to highlight the different finishes. The balustrade is glass and stainless steel.Stair Material:

Specifications: Closed stair, Concealed cut strings, Treads and risers with Zero Nosing Projection. The Material used are: Strings ex 38mm Pine; Treads ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak,
Riser ex 38mm Tasmanian Oak

Balustrade Material:

Specifications: Glass balustrade 12mm toughened glass; side mounted to the string with 50mm solid stainless steel patch fittings. Off set 50mm Round Stainless steel Rail.