6 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Your Staircase Installation

The staircase is the one area in your home or business where you can’t cut corners. Staircases are always the main feature inside a building because they are so interesting, big, and so frequently used. A beautiful and well-designed staircase can do wonders for functionality and for the overall look of your space.

Plenty of building and construction companies also claim that they can get your staircase installed for you. While these businesses are superb for building your home, they shouldn’t be used for your staircase installation. You need an expert like Signature Stairs to install a new staircase in your building. Here are six good reasons to choose our staircase experts instead of using your construction company.

The Best Advice

At Signature Stairs, we have been specialising in staircases since 2009. Over the years we have completed numerous staircase projects in a wide variety of different designs with different materials. If you are looking for the best advice on the right type of staircase, then our staircase experts are the people to use. We will advise you on the most functional, most affordable, most durable, and top-quality staircase type and materials that will suit your building and needs the most.

You Get Exactly What You Want

Staircase experts can install any type of staircase you want or need for your building. Contemporary stairs, curved stairs, floating stairs, spiral stairs, steel stairs, traditional stairs, modern stairs, or even timber stairs can be installed according to your exact instruction with your exact desires in mind. Our stair experts also give you a huge variety of balustrade options such as modern, glass, stainless steel, traditional, wire, and wrought iron to choose from.


Safety is a big factor when it comes to choosing the best team for your staircase installation. A staircase is much more than something you simply build so you can access two different storeys. Staircases need to be installed according to the right design with the right step width, or these staircases will be incredibly hard and dangerous to climb. The construction should be sturdy to prevent it from collapsing within a few years. The right materials should be used. Steps should have the right anti-slip treatments to prevent users from slipping and getting injured in a bad fall.


If you want a staircase that will last, then you should use a stair expert like Signature Stairs. Construction companies don’t always know the best methods and materials for staircase design and installation. As a result, their staircases can easily end up failing after just a few years of use. Stair experts, on the other hand, use all the best materials, the right design, and the sturdiest construction, and we also consider the amount of traffic your staircase will have to endure over the years. With all of these aspects in mind, we create a staircase that will stand the test of time.

Custom Design

If you are specific about your staircase desires and need a custom staircase design, then a professional stair company is a must. A lot of things need to be considered for a custom staircase design, and only years of expertise and experience enable a company to create a perfect custom design that suits your exact need, your building, and your personal preferences.

Aesthetic Appeal

Construction companies will install a staircase that is functional. We install staircases that are a work of art, and we combine all the best materials with the best-looking designs to achieve this work of art.

Using a professional stair company is the best possible decision you can make if you want a staircase that is strong, sturdy, functional and beautiful. Contact the team at Signature Stairs today for your next staircase project.



To get the most out of your stair project, our best advice is to begin your stair design early.

Many owners, designers and builders find themselves approaching the completion of a signature project without a real plan for the staircase. They find themselves scrambling to put something together at the last minute and an entry way to a home becomes a missed opportunity.

We work with owner, architects and builders from early on in the process to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

A design driven construction process require all parties to be proactive. Good design decisions are made early. Often structural changes are required to a stairwell. Some of the more difficult to source timber varieties often need to be sourced months in advance.We take great pride in getting things right the first time.


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